Quarantine album pick(s): Evil Medvěd

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Quarantine album pick(s) is our new series focusing on musical confessions during involuntary isolation. Sharing their favorite albums at the moment is the Scottish musician Evil Medvěd, who released an awesome EP Fictionkin on Red for ColourBlind label in 2019 (definitely one of our most played albums of the year).

„After the all-consuming panic of how I’m going to pay rent this month morphs into just a *normal panic*, I find myself slowing down and allowing for more space to listen to and take in the stories of others. My favourite artist right now is Lido Pimienta, a Columbian songwriter whose forthcoming album releases on April 17, 2020. I have the 4 tracks previewed on repeat.

My second pick is Yoshio Ojima, who released Une Collection Des Chaînons I: Music For Spiral in 1988 which has recently been re-released with ‘We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want’ label. I’m following the note from the artist : „Please listen to this album at around the same volume as daily life sounds such as air conditioners and refrigerators.“

I also sometimes miss home and listen to the producers I enjoyed most in Scotland. So I’m including Proc Fiskal, my favourite scottish producer. I love the playfulness and not-giving-a-shit-ness of his music.“


Lido Pimienta – Miss Colombia


Yoshio Ojima – Une Collection Des Chaînons I: Music For Spiral


 Proc Fiskal – Shleekit Doss

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