Quarantine album pick(s): Zoë Mc Pherson

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Quarantine album pick(s) is our new mini series focusing on musical confessions during involuntary isolation. What is Zoë McPherson, a multimedia artist and a founder of a hybrid audiovisual label SFX, currently listening to?

Miles Davis – In A Silent Way

„This thing is a whole story, totally my kind of thing. He’s a genius. It’s complete, dynamic and personal. And the moment his 3 years old son talks is <3. Miles or Alice cus I’ve been going back to Jazz to chill the f out and be in comfy nostalgia of teenage times, lots of 90s old school French rap playlists for the same reason. If you don’t know what the heck is going on, you might need an old sonic landscape you know very well.“

Alice Coltrane ft. Pharoah Sanders – Journey In Satchidananda

Donald Glover Presents – 3.15.20

P.S. we really recommend you Zoë’s new album States of Fugue.

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