Oroboro – NOVOID

Oroboro alias Emanuele Rossi is an Italian-born and based theatre sound designer as well as an aspiring producer. After sharing his debut EP „Wild Mutation“, sophomore EP „A Clockwork Existence“ via TAR, and making a cameo on Air Max 97’s label DECISIONS with an EP „Harkonnen“, this time Rossi’s sonic focus has allowed him to return to his homeland this time around. Throughout his new work, he aspires to cautiously absorb as well as proudly embrace the attitude and the sonics of punk-slash-hardcore scenes, which are vividly present in his hometown of Cesena. As our anniversary #020, we at Gin&Platonic are excited to present Oroboro’s latest project – a bestial chimera named „NOVOID“.

Opening ‚OK Box‘ reveals a truly multifarious microcosm. On her very first musical output, besides manipulated field recordings and widely used granular synthesis, Stitched out of often contradictory elements, the influences here are meticulously studied but also are undergoing quite a burdensome test. As is the tentious mini-album intertwined with misery and confusion, it might come out as a true ordeal for a fearsome listener. „NOVOID refers to the act of trying to stuff everything in every place, the sort of Horror Vacui I always had in making music but also to the horror vacui that pervades everybody’s life in one way or another“, Rossi states. In contrast to the producer’s rigorous research of insights of the local scene, the blueprint of NOVOID remains primitive and imperfect, chaotic even, but way far from just a strange compound of different and established musical norms. Creeping out from the shade of Cesena, NOVOID is an affectionate creation driven by both visceral anger and inconsolable sentiment.


Ursula Sereghy – OK Box

With a background in playing jazz and formative years of playing saxophone in a live band, Prague-based Ursula Sereghy stepped out of the hustle to focus, all while becoming a regular at the local Synth Library. A space where she found the support of the musically and politically like-minded and could nourish her newfound passion for experimenting with machines and exploring the limitless possibilities of sound design. An extensive period of voluntary detachment from everyday life during the pandemic gave rise to the stunningly confident debut album ‚OK Box‘ fabricated by this dark horse of a producer.

Opening ‚OK Box‘ reveals a truly multifarious microcosm. On her very first musical output, besides manipulated field recordings and widely used granular synthesis, Ursula draws wisely from her past musical practice as acoustic or synthesized samples of jazz instruments become the furtive common denominator of the record’s sonic narrative. Circulation of the breath among the instruments chambers substitutes the streams of city dwellers flowing through the cramped city environment. With Ursula’s entangled compositions, she creates the representation of revealing and embracing the intuitive connections of the experiences and thoughts with their mental and physical surroundings, at times leading the listener to melancholic placements, followed by moments of mischievous clarity and rational sentiment. But essentially, the longplay is a friendly ride following unusual mental maps and broadening the borders of the very cartographical ones, all with inconspicuous sideroad peeks of cheeky little creatures, still surveillance by destiny-bending spirits, and oversaturation of out-there emotional associations. Hang in there, you little civilians and slimy slugs alike. To cut a long story short – ‚OK Box‘ houses a lively collection of warm-hearted and witty jams honoring the nature of reasonable escapism.


hmurd – Flower Knight

With acclaimed singles out on All Centre and TT, dozens of DJ and live gigs still resonating from the pre-pandemic era, and tracks frequently praised in shows by the likes of Rian Treanor or Beatrice Dillon, hmurd is one to watch. The rising London-based producer and co-founder of Cherche Encore oscillates from refined club-oriented tracks to beatless, code-leaning compositions, often drawing inspiration from computer games and their environments. Following the narrative of one of his latest self-released EPs ‚The Grand Exchange‘, a collection of reworked themes from the cult MMORPG game RuneScape, he now presents a selection of songs from a soundtrack to a fictional game called ‚Flower Knight‘.

In this mini-album, hmurd documents glimpses of miscellaneous levels of the title game and its likely tricky challenges. Flower Knight is probably 2D. Well it might be 3D. The world is likely to be hostile to the player. It doesn’t exist so these things don’t need to be certain. Relaxed at times and thrilling the next, the captive nature of the gracefully composed collection underlines the relationship of simplicity and imagination. An immersivity fundamental of the sentiment we often hold of the well-aged titles like RuneScape or ICO, and of the relationships we build with the alternate realities they picture. Those endless runs to drop off your fully-loaded inventory, the sound of your catch cooking above the campfire, another gem obtained, a new level unlocked. One of the joys and satisfactions Flower Knight has to offer may lie in its reoccurrence – revealing itself slowly but steadily. Tone to tone, level to level, XP to XP.


toiret status – liquid house

toiret status is the ultimate artificial butterfly, pollinating various leading experimental imprints with material that eventually blooms into the top tier experimental electronic music around. Coming from Yamaguchi, Japan, Isamu Yorichika has released a vast portfolio of releases via essential labels like Dream Disk Lab, Noumenal Loom and Orange Milk Records, including his latest full-length record ‚Otohime‘ – one of our most favourite of 2020. We at Gin&Platonic are now delighted to guide you through his latest, collaborative-heavy EP – ‚liquid house‘.

Don’t get confused by it’s title though, it only refers to an ever-changing fluidity already crucial for Yorichika’s work. In contrast to the upper butterfly metaphor, he allegedly compares his workflow to the overall process of consuming, digesting and excreting food. Usually just rushing through the waste pipes, on ‚liquid house‘, Isamu’s production fills the whole environment. Or rather – it creates it. ‚liquid house‘ marks advanced beat-driven sound tectonics, outlined by witty synths and effected vocal samples, together forming a bumpy, unstable space constantly swaying and narrowing due to reverberation. Visiting Isamu’s liquid house is a purely joyful experience – glittery walls of the see-through interior wiggling against the laws of statics, casting glare and reflections of sun rays emitted amids this inhabitable sodden bouncy castle.

Maintaining the whole architectural process is not a one-man business tho. Isamu luckily managed to find helping hands of various remarkable producers. The Polish sound carpenter ehh hahah brings the finest of the “audio furniture“ off his latest album on Warsaw’s 𝓰𝓵𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓾𝓻 to equip the interiors of #88. The Hague-based, South Korean producer, Cat Psalm alias Sima Kim, helps setting up a proper cat climber inside of #72, while the enigmatic Soundcloud superstar Crimewave enhances #94 with decent trap-flavoured kicks. Talking remixes, Taiwanese producer Sabiwa plants some more fragrant flowers alongside the porch with her remix of #103. Tri Angle’s and Quantum Natives’ very own renegade Brood Ma does all the necessary plumbing duties, rinsing the sludge out of the pipes with a gloomy remix of #88. The TT and All Centre London based representative Harry Murdoch alias hmurd handles final rearrangements of the space, reading the property for a wild house-warming gathering.


Action Sports – Action Sports 2

Besides Action Sports, the duo of friends and frequent collaborators Matthew Pepitone (alias Karmelloz) and Dylan Howe (alias Cplusplus) together form another two vital projects – Julius Theory and Portland Compressor. As Actions Sports they candidly combine their solo approach into sublime and multifaceted compositions, welcoming the listener with a great dose of warmth and pleasantly-colored sentiment. After dropping their first eponymous longplay via Barcelona-based label angoisse, Gin&Platonic is proud to present the duo’s follow-up – ‚Action Sports 2‘, which marks their most diverse and complex work yet.

Moderately reinterpreting the legacy of such as BoC or Biosphere while still staying up to date, the duo ambitiously joins the rank of rising contemporary ambient-oriented projects, recruiting from labels like West Mineral or Motion Ward. Beautifully balanced and elegantly composed, the music on Action Sports 2 seeks to erode the delimiters between pristine hi-fi digital dub, abstracted electronic glitches, and the smoked-out, but emotive haze of the American Pacific Northwest ambient. Being released in early November, the mesmerizing longplay calls for repeated listens while out on cold strolls through nature trails, or just leaving unpacked for a proper evening couch voyage with a thick damiana spliff in hand. Either way, Action Sports 2 offers enough thought space for the inherent and low-key rewarding post-summer contemplation.


Kindohm – Deserted/Reclaimed

With a handful of releases out on various pioneering imprints (including longplays RISC Chip and Meme Booth via Conditional Records or the latest contribution to the groove series by Warsaw based label outlines), the producer, programmer and live-coder Mike Hodnick is one of the leading figures representing a movement of computer-centred music production, recently labeled as algorave. Since we are devoted fans for quite some time, the Platonic’s are proud to present Mike Hodnick’s latest project under the prolific Kindohm alias – ‚Deserted / Reclaimed‘.

Sequenced live on a drum machine, the diptych stretches across four vast sonic plains, bounded by curvy dunes formed by countless TidalCycles code bits, constantly pouring over like the grains of scorching and shiny sand. Full of paradoxical rhythm twists planted into the ever-bending landscape, ‚Deserted / Reclaimed‘ reads as a fragmented and sometimes petrifying ride towards the chaotic percepts of the monumental surroundings, dissolving in the thermal inversion somewhere far on the horizon.


ptpf – Obsession

ptpf is an acronym derived from the surname of Russian producer Ilya Potapov. Coming from Saint Petersburg, Potapov has been self-releasing comprehensive collections of sorely wrenched music for the past couple years. His first two projects under the ptpf moniker – ‚1935‘ and ‚G.D.‘ (dating back to 2015 and 2016, respectively) somewhat resemble the formula fundamental for the haunting atmosphere of an early witch house or other industrial offshots. Although the experimental nature of ptpf’s works is evident throughout these releases, the transition towards more abstract realms manifests utterly on his 2019 album ‚Salivation‘. Coming out via the already-cult label Quantum Natives, ‚Salivation‘ sees ptpf embracing the disorder and the tensity that was previously tamed and now has been let loose entirely. Gin&Platonic are now pleased to present ptpf’s follow-up musical instalment – ‚Obsession‘.

On ‚Obsession‘, Potapov’s signature distant muttering collides with abraded power electronics, together creating a four-track EP full of dreadful emotional confession not everybody is ready to hear out loud. The disturbing nature of the project evokes a gradual dissociation from a long-forgotten tenderness into an emotional imbalance and urgent confusion. What once felt like affection, now feels like an obsession.
The leading single ‚Shibari‘ is remixed by Rina Priduvalova, an Ukrainian interdisciplinary artist who released her first EP ‚The Tears Of Things‘ in 2019. She is now in the process of preparing multiple audiovisual projects together with Diana Azzuz as Ximena. We also reached out to Greek rhythmic alchemists Ice_Eyes, whose releases we have on heavy rotation, having received a slamming remix of ‚Nobody´s Fault‘. Last but not least, the endlessly creative brain behind Quantum Natives themselves – ornine – closes the release with a sublime rework of ‚Last Record‘.


Strachkvas – Break-in

Often mislabelled with the rather shallow ‘post-club’ hashtag, Strachkvas has been patiently alienating himself from the scene’s status quo. His sounds grew into the claustrophobic and grotesque realms of his debut release – Hedonic Treadmill (G&P003). More than two years has passed by with the treadmill rolling on non-stop – as Strachkvas reshapes his live performance with constant updates of new material, and occupies himself by mastering the arts of fine dining. Now, the producer, visual artist, and importantly our beloved friend with whom we have partied through countless nights, is finally back after the long hiatus from officially releasing music, bringing not one but two fresh releases for 2020. Gin&Platonic are pleased to continue the mutual collaboration by putting out one of the two upcoming EPs – ‘Break-in’.

Regardless of the past years, the Ostrava born-and-raised Strachkvas re-visits his primal environment – the club, and he does so with precision and a recognisable amount of contempt. The dancefloor-ready triptych ‘Break-in’ invades the innocent listeners with a mesmerising eponymous first track, holding them hostage until the abrasive lead single. ‘Fake’ may liberate them temporarily, thanks to seductive (yet menacing) vocals by M – a ‘Sound in New Media’ masters student minoring in neuroscience, interested in ending class war, becoming a pop star, the icey-sea, and hot sauce on popcorn. According to M, ’Fake’ is meant to become the next queer dancefloor anthem, and it is all about being seen. M’s lyrics here are taken from a tweet they wrote in response to having a difficult time dating as a non-binary person, when everyone treated them like their gender was fake. The third and final track, named after an infamous chemical tanker ‘Cumbrian Fisher’, eventually devours the listener into gloomy streams of contaminated waters, transforming the dancefloor into a polluted ocean-bottom, poorly lit by glimpses of sunrays that dimly pass through the aquatic surfaces covered with large oil spills and goo lumps.


Forces – Epoch

Following Forces’ breakthrough string of acclaimed albums coming out on the key label triad of Bio Future Lab., Conditional & Genot Centre during 2018, we are now more than pleased to extend the output of the Finnish musician and multidisciplinary artist Joonas Siren with his next full-length ‘Epoch’:
„This is the epoch of uncertainties; of shifting and unreliable narratives, of rising temperatures and sea levels, of growing economic inequality, of increasing political polarization and far-right influence.
’Epoch’ is a testament of these disintegrating processes. It is also a narrative of my own struggles. The album was made during 2019, when I felt that my mental health was unraveling; panic attacks, anxiety and somatic pains left me almost paralyzed before I got some professional help.
My personal troubles can be seen as an indicator of the general political, ecological and social problems. There are many new studies, how the looming possibility of climate catastrophe is causing anxiety and mental health issues.
Besides the disastrous effects on climate change, late capitalism is also causing problems on a societal level. The job and social security is poor, especially for younger generations, which in turn generates even more distress, alienation and mental instability.
How to remain hopeful in this situation? Rather than reverting to abandoned nihilism, I believe in the force of grassroots activism. Not everybody has to be like Greta Thunberg, but her actions can be seen as an illustrious example, how you can actual make a difference.
The album maps out all these topical ideas sonically. Collapsing sound material, unsteady temporal structures, noise and distortion build up intensities without catharsis. The tracks are made with different live programming techniques, peculiar time-stretching and layering techniques and other VST and FX’s dysfunctions.
Within the mournful aural chaos, there is a potentiality for change.“

– Forces aka Joonas Siren


Ad Cue – Temporary Titles in Fixed Media

______ __ ________ ‘Ad Cue’ __ _ ________ _ ___ ‘cadeu’. _______ _____ __ Berlin, _______ _ _______________ – __________ ___. __________ _ _____ / __________ __ ____________. __________ ____ _______ __ _ _____________________. __ ___-_____ un & de, _____ ___ _____ 2017 ___ 2018 ___ ___ ________ , _____ ____ ______ _____ __ _____ __________ __ __ _____ Hyperboloid Records, __ ________ ___________ Bias to Abyss __. __ ___ ___ _______ ________ ________ ___ ___ ____-______ _______ ____ ____ ____ __Temporary Titles in Fixed Media. Brand new album on Gin&Platonic. ____ _____ _______ ____ _____ ___ . Coming out next month!

#G&P011 _______ __ 4 _____, ______Temporary Titles in Fixed Media _____ _ __ _____ ______ _____ 38 ______. _____ __________ ____ __ _________ – _____________. ____ _______ ______ – ___ _ ___ _ ________- Temporary Title 001. ____ ______ ________________ ______ __ ____ ______, ____ ________ ______ __ future, ________ _____ ____ __ ___, _________ __ present. ___ 002 ________, __________ _______ ____ _________ ______ _____. _________________ _____ 03 ___ inherent temporality. _________ __________ ________. ____ _________ __ __, 04 ________ ___ ___________ subjects to change.


Stroon x Tittingur – Content

Dominik Suchý & Matúš Mordavský together create a Bratislava/Copenhagen-based duo of inseparable buddies and notorious adventurers, who more than anything love to keep their adrenaline levels high by hiking, cycling, birdwatching or casting monstrous sound avalanches at your local venues. For this purpose their former noise-rock project called Tittingur happened to be resurrected back in 2016 and since then they’ve been impatiently testing clubs’ statics with their beyond brutalist compositions of rhythms pulsating against mighty walls of noise.

Some time after their widely acclaimed debut record Lavina rushed at the local scene, Tittingur have self-released their sophomore album Beings, which explores even more intense sonic landscapes, this time among rather abstract realms. Right before their next full-length hits us in 2020, they now present an extensive collaborative piece crafted togeher with fellow Slovak musician Stroon.

Stroon is a pseudonyme of Dalibor Kocián, a renowned composer and multidimensional producer, whose vibraphone magic can be sensed through his prolific solo output as well as countless critically aclaimed projects, among other taping into theatre, films, site-specific performances, games or even commercials. Not to mention that throughout his varied career Dalibor has also been member of many ensembles and bands.

In his studio, the three had a couple of beers and let the synergy take the lead. During the process, the surrounding world disintegrated and got put back together several times again. The noise that was produced was very difficult to control or conquer. It seemed to want to escape the space. Eventually its efforts have failed and Content came to life. The piece was then mixed and mastered by Dominik and is now presented by Gin&Platonic.


julek ploski – spie

Born in 1998, Warsaw-based Julian Płoski has recently been making noise among the Polish experimental scene. Despite only being 21, he can already boast about taking part in various residencies, performing dozens of gigs including one at last year’s edition of UNSOUND, or founding an ever-fluid label 𝑔𝓁𝒶𝓂𝑜𝓊𝓇. Julek’s critically acclaimed debut album „Tesco“ saw him shoplifting field recordings while hunting for discount groceries, then genuinely fusing them with bare elements of contemporary club music or IDM into ominous sound collages. Gin&Platonic is now pleased to present Julek Płoski’s sophomore full lenght – śpie.

On this yet another conceptual record he leads the listener through extensive hypnagogia occurring during onset of sleep, with all of its abrupt deflections one may eventually take while attempting to enjoy a quality rest. Constantly balancing on the edge of vague vigilance and shallow slumber, śpie teases us with stream of hypergrotesque sound scenarios often submitted by hints of deeply internal insecurities, projected through the lens of dreamstate’s very own oddity. The retained fragments of past day’s experience crawl in uncontrollably and they immediately provoke wicked imagination of rather obscure situations. As the mood flows unpredictably from nightmarish periods of abrasive kick drums to sweet and serene soundscapes, on „śpie“ Julek achieves to connect the wicked with the virtuous, as well as the pleasant with the destructive.

“śpie is an album about can’t wake up and waking up and can’t wake up and non-stop waking up and trying not to wake up and trying to wake up again and again.”


Queimada – Eremocene

Marco Colocci is an Italian producer and a sound engineer based in Berlin. Studying music theory and learning how to play the contrabass has initiated the growth of his interest in the techniques of field recording and sound design, as well as his overall passion for electronic music. After self-releasing music during his teens, and later producing for Taiwanese artist Sabiwa from Chinabot, he now presents a debut record under the moniker „Queimada“, coming out on Gin&Platonic.

Built around a concept proposed by Harvard professor E.O. Wilson, Eremocene depicts a future state of miserable epoch into which human species is slowly but steadily accelerating. Characterized by the existential & material isolation that comes from having calamitously extinguishing other forms of life on Earth while intrepidly fulfilling our immediate needs, the future labeled as The Age of Loneliness sees our identity completely transformed.

On the record, Queimada explores precisely the conflict between the tempting ease and a pang of unconfessed guilt in an attempt to capture the ironical relationship they epitomize. The album represents an encounter between different techniques of granular synthesis and field recording. The encounter between the unstoppable and destructive, altogether resulting in a disruptive anthem of the intensifying burden of the postmodern times.



TRNGS is a maximalist hi-fi music producer, multimedial artist and an occasional but quite a good sk8ter from Boston. After us grinding heavy on his last year’s projects BILOCATE and LAPTOP CREMATION, we reached out and he shared couple of very intense wav. files with us to put on our bandcamp.

All three of them contain visceral sound tangles, which TRNGS himself (with our honest confirmation) insists on calling „dance“ music. Like in the cover of the record, which hints at the tragedy of today’s environmental condition in a way, bits of the artificial sound elements blend insensibly into the organic material, all together creating a complicated puzzle, layed out on dark and rather disturbing background. „I am very passionate about making music with sort of uncanny relationship between synthesized and sampled sounds“, describes TRNGS on that note.

We have designed a sleek 3D-printed flower pot as an object accompanying the EP, so you can plant yourself a dose of organic green hope (with possible shades of purple) into this tiny zen garden.


3849 – Raelyr

3849 is the identification number denoting a mutation of the rare condition that Dutch producer Guy Huijbregts suffers from. It also serves as his musical pseudonyme. Under it, he has released a vast catalogue that we’ve been following for years. After contributing to The Virgo Season compilation we put out last year, we are pleased to welcome Guy Huijbregts to our roster with his new EP, Raelyr.

As with most of Guy’s work to date, listening to the sophisticated sound-design practises and ever-evolving rhythmic variations on Raelyr might make you imagine a strange, crystal clear sonic maze, a cold and celestial place. 3849 is not afraid to take his time arranging the elements into an endless digital wormhole, in which even a focused listener is likely to get lost and found over and over again. On “z-rasii,” 3849 includes traces of his own voice, which might serve as the only evidence of human origin haunting this otherwise alien opus.


Aleksei Podat – I Regret Everything I Have Ever Done Online

We return to Ukraine once again, this time to release the debut album by Aleksei Podat (ex-CHSZM).

According to the artist the album is mostly influenced by Mark Zuckerberg’s last year’s congress testimony, where the definition of social media privacy was challenged a lot. It showed just how ridiculous it can get, when you’re trying to demand some kind of responsibility from the person, who’s the head of a social media platform which makes its profit through exploitation – be it people’s natural need for attention or their depressed state after their ego is not fulfilled with an appropriate social media feedback (the number of likes, comments, etc.).

“In this case, I see social media platforms as machines that develop the feeling of inferiority in their users. People are constantly made to develop their image as the most-likable and the most complying with modern societal norms. Personally, I feel depressed myself from time to time, because of the lack of attention on social media. It makes me feel little and miserable and I’m not alone in this. This how this system works: make a person feel miserable. Make them think they can change this state of depression by posting, liking, replying, sharing content + they watch ads while they do all this stuff = make a profit. That sucks and that’s what this album’s about,” says Podat.


ivan  skoryna – damage

Damage is done. Nobody is perfect. Sirens are silent nowadays. Damage control is a fair play. And it’s so nice to wake up in the morning all alone.

‚damage‘ is the debut EP by experimental electronic musician Ivan Skoryna.

teaser: bit.ly/2RCpuSZ


Himera – Fragile

Himera is an emerging Ireland-based producer, originally born in Latvia to a Russian-speaking family. Last year, a trip back to his motherland introduced him to the atmosphere of eastern European rave culture, which helped to originate Himera’s working process on his sophomore record.

Fragile, a follow-up to his 2017 self-released debut project Angel EP, is a warm and colorful collection of blissful yet thrilling trance anthems, carefully wrapped up in contemporary club-ready aesthetics. Himera’s fascination with Dance Dance Revolution and shoot ‚em up games can be heard clearly throughout the record. Indeed, Fragile feels like a soundtrack to an endless stream of attacking enemies in the form of information overload, coming from screens and signs of various sizes. Pointillistically drawn buildups quickly swell into intense periods of absolute euphoria then descend into celestial beatless compositions, capturing the dialectic of pleasure and exhaustion. It is where nightcore YouTube mixes meet the sounds of early dubstep or EDM, polished according to the advanced trance science of Ferry Corsten or Lorenzo Senni. This album has the potential to overtake huge stadium spaces as well as heal listeners‘ open wounds through their own home speakers.

Truth be told, the tension of an ecstatic state can’t expand forever. It is just as fragile as a butterfly’s wing. And we all are, too.


Strachkvas – Hedonic Treadmill

Ever-hailing from somewhere in-between both Ostrava and Brno (Czech Republic), Strachkvas, a solitaire producer and visual artist, has been successively building a significant local acclamation. Shortly after his extensive study period in Helsinki where he focused on sharpening both DJ and production skills, he now presents his very first comprehensive release coming out on Gin&Platonic.

Just like in his own remarkable visuals, the sound elements in Hedonic Treadmill tend to morph into picturesque percepts of dissolved rhythms formerly to be easily recognizable. The gripping entrée in the form of Skirmish Line is followed by Tipping Cascades, where the long – abandoned regularity is enlightened again from a very different production angle to create new, rather grotesque shadows. By the end of the track, the emotional cocktail of both happiness and anger seems to be well balanced, but is quickly shaked again right after beginning of the next piece. With SoyBoy which marks the most directly driven track off the EP, Strachkvas is speeding up as he stays loyal to his roots in desruptive and ever-accelerating DJ sets. As the hedonic treadmill slowly stops to roll with Face Reveal, it leaves the listener’s pleasure level way below the satiation threshold.


Kagami Smile – Four Selves

Four Selves was made with the idea of living as different selves in mind. That no matter what you are at any given moment, other selves could exist simultaneously in many realities. One can never know if you are your true self, or some other version of you’s dream.

„Kagami Smile takes another step forward with Four Selves, an EP on a new Czech label called Gin&Platonic that represents his most dance floor-focused, but also most challenging, music yet.“ (Resident Advisor)


V/A – platonics 01: The Virgo Season

The need to inform has transformed seamlessly into a desire
to contribute. Platonics 01 reflects our long-term alertness
to our surroundings, it is an impulse to reassess our priorities.
Some things cannot be left for tomorrow.


Gin&Platonic is the common sense of the long-abandoned
extroverts, the new-found introverts, and of those constantly
in-between. It’s comfortable but challenging at times. A matter
of intuition. It’s something sentimental about being cynical.
It is a state of double-edged irony.


respectful but aware | medium and the moment | raw imprint
artifacts & achievements | share & outline | trends but deeply rooted
out of a soapbox | long run with a back-up plan
the virgo season